DG Rider Training

Cbt training only £150

Bromley cbt training centre

 CBT usually takes a day but can take longer it is not a test but if by the end of it you do not meet the legally required standard you can return again. You will have to pay another fee. 

We provide everything you need to complete the CBT. You will need to provide your own bike kit and helmet due to strict covid regulations, no kit no course and you will be refused your cbt training course, you will need sensible foot wear ie boots of some kind if you have any.

 We have a strict 1 intructor to 2 pupils ratio for all on road riding lessons. 

 Bike Cam

Using our fully kitted bike cam we now record your lessons so you can see how you're doing if you want your lessons recorded and want to keep the footage you will need to provide a micro SD card.

 Passed your test and want to improve your riding? give us a call and let us help sort out those problem bends.

 Refresher courses for those returning to bikes, free try outs at our cbt centre for those thinking about getting into bikes. 






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