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Motor bike training costs

Motor bike 3 day DAS course £650 plus test fees

Motor bike 3 day Das course has proved very popular it is especially set up for those already with a cbt and some riding experience.

Cat A or A2 its very simple, all you need are 2 days for the first part, big bike training then the mod 1 test 2nd day returning for a 3rd and final day for the road test, go on what are you waiting for ?. 

Free retest does not apply to the 3 day only course, in booking a 3 day course you are confirming you are an experienced rider and as such require far less training than a novice ride.


Terms and conditions apply so please call first  spaces are limited to 2 people per week per course


A no nonsense free assesment of your riding to see how much training you need before taking a test. You will need your own bike for this one plus a valid cbt certificate and licence.



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