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katies hornet

Girls are petrol heads to !!!

my story
chris on test day
My story

trying to pick an instructor? pick dave. ive just passed my A2. To say that ive enjoyed the last few days riding would be an understatement! He,s been so easy to learn from, get on with, ask questions to etc. Really down to earth guy, a proper biker. Its not just his friendly teaching style though, its the way he can literally link everything to

1)experience he has had

2)experience you have on the road while learning

There is no doubt your being taught the right stuff- confidence will definatly not be an issue.

Choose dave and you"ll end up fully prepared for riding, not just a half arse ability to pass the tests. You"ll be equiped to handle road situations, and if anything does happen during the course, thanks to his constant radio comms you"d have proberly already have avoided it




A very happy Paul
read his story


Stu at donnington a week after asing his bike test

Here is Stu he passed his bike test and a week later was at Donnington Park spending a day with Carl Foggerty

Last 2 passes of 2012

Well done to Sam and Ellen the last 2 passes of 2012, it was a cold and frosty start to the day but warmed up enough for them to take their tests. Just to add to the debate of who are the best riders/drivers Ellen passed with 2 minors less that Sam. Sorry Sam had to get that in.

John with his new toy
Here is John with his new toy a nice example of a suzuki bandit he popped down to the school today for a cup of tea to show me dispite the rain and gail force winds, he was the only visitor, i wonder why? But he is still smiling as he was from day 1 getting on board a big bike. 
Jen the proud new owner of a GSX650F
Jen passed her driving test 1st time, we dont count the Module 1 because its not a driving test, she know what i mean even if you dont,
Bikers cafe

A few of us popped out to visit a new bikers cafe out in sussex, i must say what a great breakfast and welcome we had. This one is on the list of places to go

Ian and his new Ducati
Ian had a Ducati at home before he even started his course, brave man.
The infamous "turn it off Terry"
For those that have heard the story here he is at last  
Rhea tearing up her L plates

CBR 125 for sale call Dave for info

Giles talking to his helmet

After a short ride to france Giles loses it and starts talking to his lid.

Day trip to france
WW1 museum on a trip to france
Last of the old style test
This is mark my last pupil to take the old stlye test and as you can see he is a happy man having passed his bike test on friday. Mark had a bike all bought he just needed to pop along to the isle of wight to collect it and ride it home on saturday, good on ya mark and well done again.
zero faults
Two happy people

As you can see by the beaming smiles David and Gareth both passed there test this week. It was touch and go on test day due to the cold weather and early morning frost. We had been out training all week in the cold so they were hardend  bikers by then.

Well done guys


Vickys new bike
Vicky passed her test thursday bought and collected her cbr600 sunday morning and popped in sunday afternoon to show every one.
Here are the guys , we had a great week out training they both passed with flying colours
Asher and Refi
Two ex pupils who popped in to show me there new bikes, both passed first time, Refi who had been riding for a short time was gutted when Asher passed with only 1 minor he had never ridden a bike until day 1 of his course. Refi only got 4 minors still a very high standard, she is enjoying some kne down action on her new sv650 with twin pipes.
Box hill group ride
Lilly just passed her test and turned up on an R1 SHE BORROWED !!!!!!!!!!!!
Steve and Liz at the Bulls Head Meet
Farewell cake aint it great !!! the cake i mean
Sue and her new vfr
Here is the new picture of Sue on her VFR she sold the CBR to another lady and bought this instead.
even with a broken thumb
Matt with an SV1000
No messing about for Matt first bike , what a lad!!
Or Mr Cool as i call him, perfect pass Zero faults with his new bandit 1200s
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